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Deliberative Engagement Software

Deliberative engagement software facilitates meaningful conversations using deliberative tools and methods in the online space. Taking your deliberative dialogue online allows participants to slow down and reflect before responding. By using a complete platform with a variety of methods for participation – deliberative polling, online citizen juries, deliberative mapping – participants can share their perspectives in a safe and respectful atmosphere. At the end of the process, feel confident in your decision as you analyze qualitative and quantitative data with advanced reporting.

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What is deliberative engagement?

Deliberative engagement allows for asynchronous discussion permitting more contemplative time and encourages deeper deliberation, rationality, civility, and inclusiveness.

Why is deliberative dialogue important?

Deliberative dialogue and processes are pillars to meaningful engagement. By opening the conversation to multiple perspectives and focusing the discussion, deliberative dialogue leads to a collective decision making outcome.

Making deliberative dialogue work online.


Ebook: Online Deliberative Dialogue

Turning on moderation

Create a safe space for deliberative dialogue

Provide an easy and secure way for participants to read, learn and deliberate, online. A dedicated online platform that offers 24/7 moderation to your digital deliberation ensures a reliable and trusted place for discourse.

“The participants demonstrated great depth of understanding, motivation, and engagement on the subject matter. They had really insightful observations and conversations, and I think the overall quality of deliberation was great.”
– Anna McKeon, Head of Engagement, Traverse

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Conducting an online citizen’s jury

Running a citizen’s panel takes a lot of planning. Conducting your citizen’s jury online offers a number of efficiencies and benefits not available to in-person discourse. With EngagementHQ, you have secure and centralized data and feedback management. Your participants benefit from the convenience of ‘anywhere engagement’ including a variety of tools for deliberative dialogue. Watch our webinar to see how this has worked for organizations and their jury members

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9 reasons EngagementHQ is perfect for citizens’ assemblies.


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