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EngagementHQ can help school districts, colleges, universities, and charter schools create a positive climate where students can excel and reach their full potential. The EngagementHQ platform can be used to listen to stakeholder feedback, provide information and updates on important school policies, and include students and parents in decisions that impact their education. See how education systems can bring their stakeholders together on a dedicated platform to respond more effectively to the educational needs of their students. Read case studies and learn how schools around the world are using digital engagement best practices to make an impact for their students.


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Richmond School District 38

Neighbourhood decline led to underutilized schools and the Richmond School District 38 had to look at the possibility of school closures and engage their community on this difficult issue. They decided to include online engagement as a part of their comprehensive community engagement plan to inform citizens about the issues and to empower them through their participation in regular feedback.

Find out who was the most responsive participants in the surveys on the site with 80.5% of responses coming from this group.


“We found the process of using online engagement and in particular the EngagementHQ site to be far more successful than we had anticipated. The community responded very well to the online surveys and we found the ability to have metrics at our fingertips very useful for reporting to the Board and the community.”

- Kathyrn D’Angelo, Assistant Superintendent, School District No. 38.

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