Using sentiment analysis

Analytics & Reporting

Make informed decisions with easy to understand data and simple sharable reporting.

EngagementHQ’s analytics framework makes it easy to visualizevisualise your communities’ feedback and download reports for stakeholders. Identify areas of interest, critical issues and missing demographics with our suite of simple reporting tools. Understand the sentiment of thousands of written responses in a single click using artificial intelligence.

Reporting On A Consultation

EngagementHQ reports automatically compile detailed data on a community engagement process. Administrators can easily review and download participant engagement data on a single tool, engagement project, or an entire site.

The Dashboard shows a high-level overview of your engagement site. This dashboard is a hub to quickly review site visits, registration numbers and active participants. From here you can easily access recent community responses for review.

Project Reports summarizesummarise visitor insights and participation for a project. Understand which projects are driving contributions and easily download the data in multiple formats.

Tool Reports show how participants interact with a tool across all projects. Layer in demographic data to see who is represented and who is being missed.

Custom Dashboards provide a visual way to close the loop with participants and stakeholders. They can also be embedded into a project using EngagementIQ services.

EngagementHQ Analytics

AnalyzingAnalysing the Data

Easily extract meaningful insights from a large number of text based responses. EngagementHQ allows for fast data analysis with the help of artificial intelligence, demographic filtering and comment tagging.

Keyword Tagging can be applied to text based comments to easily identify key themes within a project or across engagement tools.

Demographic Filtering can be used with demographic details collected during registration. Filter data by demographic to identify trends within your community or action areas for further outreach.

Sentiment Analysis uses Artificial Intelligence to assign sentiment labels to written responses. Review individual feedback or see a summary of community sentiment around a particular topic.

Survey Analysis create customizablecustomisable reports for survey responses. Break these out by each question, overlay registration questions or download the data as easy to digest graphs or charts.

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