An entire toolbox.

If you only have access to a hammer, you’ll always use a hammer. EngagementHQ gives you an entire toolbox.

Our suite of listening, information, analysis, reporting, and relationship management features enable you to mix and match precisely the right online tools for your community engagement objectives.


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Product features that move projects forward.

Engage through education.

Community activation begins when a forum is established to share, listen and educate.

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EngagementHQ makes it easier to provide information and communicate your perspective through newsletters, blogging, social sharing, and rich content.

Encourage listening.

Community engagement requires 360 degree listening on behalf of all participants.

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EngagementHQ provides the forums, polls, surveys, maps, Q&A, and other tools you need to host and encourage conversations and interaction.

Improve your decision-making.

The most effective projects marry community values and needs with measurable data.

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EngagementHQ gives you reporting tools, dashboards, and analytical features that deliver actionable insights and data-driven evidence.

Manage your relationships.

To motivate your community, you must establish a genuine, ongoing connection with them.

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EngagementHQ simplifies the process of capturing participant information, developing user profiles, and managing communications to facilitate meaningful interactions.

Our service and support commitment.

Every EngagementHQ project comes with EngagementIQ, a complete service and support resource powered by our international team of seasoned experts. From technical assistance to hands-on coaching and training, we’re here to help you each step of the way.

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Explore our spectrum of online tools.

Each project, each community, and each set of objectives will be unique. However, success almost always demands a multifaceted approach. Wield the tools you need to grow and foster meaningful online interactions with EngagementHQ.


Encourage your community to voice their opinions in a convenient and guided way.


Ask a single question and get immediate insight with this quick and targeted tool.


Receive questions in a managed space that accommodates your public or private responses.


Simple, streamlined, and moderated space for your community to upload comments.


Help your community better understand, empathize, and relate to others and your project.


Gather feedback and photos directly on a map that lets participants drop a “pin.”


These “virtual post-it notes” are a way for your community to share what inspires them.


A safe and interactive space for your community to discuss and debate pertinent issues.

“[EngagementHQ] helped us quickly gather information from the community, especially groups and populations that do not come to the in-person meetings. It helped us understand the key issues for the community using the quick survey and question tools, that shaped our recommendations on next steps in the project to the City Council.”

- Chris Meschuk, Assistant City Manager, City of Boulder, Colorado

“I have found using EngagementHQ to be simple and intuitive whilst giving me the tools to create the engagement platform that I had always envisioned for these projects.”

- Gary Foyle, Community and Recreation Team Leader, Christchurch Borough Council, UK

“We found the process of using online engagement and in particular the EngagementHQ site to be far more successful than we had anticipated. The community responded very well to the online surveys and we found the ability to have metrics at our fingertips very useful for reporting to the Board and the community.”

- Kathyrn D'Angelo, Assistant Superintendent, School District No. 38, BC, Canada

“The platform interface is fantastic & really user friendly, so I am sure I’ll be able to pick this up in no time!”

- Maddie Brough, Marketing, Online and Communications Officer, City of Launceston, Tasmania

Ensure security and compliance.

Get out-of-the-box compliance with government accessibility, security, privacy, and branding requirements in every jurisdiction in which we operate. Ongoing reviews, audits, and updates executed by our specialists ensure consistent adherence to your legal and ethical frameworks.

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