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Change the world one engagement at a time

An all-in-one digital community engagement platform that helps you balance everything your community needs to be engaged.

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Adding ideas with the Ideas Tool

Increase public participation

The best community conversations happen with tools that are purpose-built for the job. Our feature suite helps you deliver rich conversation across various channels and formats, so you can quickly and easily manage every level of community engagement and make the decisions that matter.

Online Engagement Tools

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Centralize community insights

Deepen your understanding of your community and make informed decisions with our all-in-one engagement dashboard.

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Build relationships that last

With a unified, complete and centrally accessible view of community you can develop and nurture meaningful relationships that last.

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Protect the integrity of community data

Seamlessly and safely orchestrate large-scale, best practice community engagement campaigns across all available channels.

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Connect with your go-to tools

Balancing act, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and much more. Bring your engagement data to multiple tools and finally view your community in one place.

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“EngagementHQ has a wide range of different tools which means we can add more variety and choice to our offer in terms of how people may want to give us their feedback.”

“EngagementHQ has been a hit in our community, helping to turn innovative ideas into reality!”

“You helped us quickly gather information from the community, especially groups and populations that do not come to the in-person meetings.”

“The platform interface is fantastic and really user friendly, so I am sure I’ll be able to pick this up in no time!”

Community engagement to suit every team

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