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Guestbook Tool

Create a safe, moderated space for one-way engagement.

The Guestbook tool collects open-ended feedback with customizable moderation, allowing facilitators to keep the conversation productive and respectful.

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Use Guestbook to invite participation

Discuss difficult topics. Local communities have a range of issues that can be controversial, from how to tackle racial inequity to climate change policies. Use Guestbook to keep the conversation on track through moderation and simple participant contributions.

Complement face-to-face meetings. Because Guestbook collects open-ended comments from stakeholders, it is the perfect complement to face-to-face meetings. Simply submit in-person comments on the Guestbook tool for the whole community to see.

A partner to the discussion forum. Use Guestbook to gather ideas from the community to inform forum topics enabling facilitators to effectively position future forum discussions.

Let the community leave quick comments. Guestbook is made with convenience in mind — for staff and community stakeholders. The sentiment of all contributions can be easily gauged using built-in artificial intelligence.

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Learn what your community really thinks

The Guestbook tool is versatile and especially useful when used in conjunction with other EngagementHQ tools.

Choose pre or post-moderation. Choose to have every comment moderated by our team — 24/7 — before appearing on the Guestbook tool. Or opt for post-moderation: comments are immediately displayed but will be taken off by our trained moderators if they violate site rules.

Receive stand-alone individual contributions. Guestbook doesn’t enable responses, likes, upvotes, or down-votes on contributions. If community feedback is needed, but an online discussion between residents is considered too risky, Guestbook is the solution.

A tool that invites more people to the table. While most people will be confident using a tool that encourages engagement from others, community-wide responses can be a deterrent for some. Guestbook provides an additional option, allowing those people to feel more comfortable participating.