Gather community feedback
and ideas transparently.

Give your community a voice.

Greater Bowen is a significant area in the Whitsundays, covering an expanse of over 400,000 acres. The Whitsunday Regional Council and DNRM have been working on forming new boundaries and proposed suburb names over the last two years. The Council is now presenting the draft suburbs to the community for comment.

By using the Guestbook tool, the Council is giving people the chance to state their opinions as well as read what others in the community think. With the ability to moderate what comments appear publicly and keeping the feedback platform one-way, the community is able to have their opinions heard, while the council is able to mitigate risk that may come with a more open forum.

Simple, moderated feedback helps
manage risk for sensitive issues.

Use feedback to guide future decisions.

Barwon Water is consulting the community as it sets its new prices in its five year plan. It is using the Guestbook tool to effectively gather feedback on what the community values most about water and sewerage services and what they expect in the future. Uploaded comments provide Barwon Water straightforward and clear qualitative data they can then use to help them plan.

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