Put community suggestions and concerns
to a vote.

Let your community bring their ideas to the table.

The Sunshine Coast Council (QLD) hosted its 2016 Hackfest event to help solve community and local business issues. Council encouraged people to contribute their ideas for mobile applications that would benefit the community, and contribute towards uniting the community more. Council used Ideas to gather and select the best and most liked suggestions, which would then be further explored during Hackfest.

Gather ideas to support projects in the early phase.

Adapt your policies with community support.

The Government of Canada, with the help of the Minister of Canadian Heritage launched a national dialogue on Canadian content. It encouraged citizens to participate in consultations to help the Government adapt their cultural policies to today’s digital realities.

Aimed at supporting Canada’s artists, content creators and cultural entrepreneurs, to create a cultural ecosystem in which they thrive, Ideas was used as both a collaboration and engagement tool to open conversations and brainstorm possible developments.

Prioritize what matters most to your community.

Community collaboration through ideation

  • Create multiple idea walls within a single project.
  • Collate idea within preset categories.
  • Randomize ideas to avoid voting bias.
  • Split idea gathering and voting into two time periods to support traditional ‘sticky-note’ style brainstorming processes.
  • Individual ideas can be shared via social networks.
  • Integrated search function makes finding ideas easy.

Robust reporting and analysis

  • Built in analytical and reporting capability.
  • Report on one or a series of ideas across your projects.
  • Integrated reporting with your other seven feedback tools.
  • Exportable formats for easy third party analysis.
  • Exportable graphics for easy report building.
  • Cross tab analysis with registered participant demographics.

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