Tablet friendly geo-spatial surveys for
“place” based projects and planning.

“Every morning I get stuck at the level crossing for at least 20 minutes.”

The Victorian Government is removing 50 dangerous and congested level crossings to transform the way people live, work and travel across metropolitan Melbourne and to improve safety for drivers and pedestrians.

Places is being used to identify important local issues around each of the level crossing earmarked for removal.

Perfect for land, transport, community
services, recreation, tourism and more.

“We LOVE our library. Accessible public toilets here are also really important.”

Darebin Council in Melbourne, Victoria had a conversation about the future of Fairfield Village, including how to enhance public spaces, manage development and respond to transport pressures.

The people of Fairfield are passionate about the village feel and unique neighbourhood atmosphere of cafes, shopping and places to meet.

Places is just one of eight engagement and
feedback tools in the EngagementHQ suite.

“Protecting the Ash trees on my property is really important to our family.”

The Emerald Ash trees of Hopewell Valley, New Jersey, are under attack by a little green jewel-like beetle, the Emerald Ash Borer; and its effects will be devastating.

Places is being used to identify the location and health status of the Emerald Ash trees across the community.

A robust set of features

  • Set your map boundary to your study area.
  • Create categories of pins.
  • Choose pin icons from our extensive library.
  • Add a mini-survey to each pin.
  • Collected images attached to pins.
  • Drag and drop interface for an engaging experience.
  • Mobile compatible for data collection in the field.

For better reporting and analysis

  • Built in analytical and reporting capabilitites.
  • Report on one or a series of maps across your projects.
  • Integrated reporting with suite of feedback tools.
  • Exportable formats for easy third party analysis.
  • Exportable graphics for easy report building.
  • Cross tab analysis with registered participant demographics.

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