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Ask a question. Get immediate results.

Polls are an easy-to-use, effective way to gauge broad public sentiment with a single question. Polls are especially valuable to drive interest and participation in a project — stakeholders can engage and see community opinion in seconds.


Jumpstart Participation with Polls

Polls are simple and quick. Polls are a straightforward tool that can be implemented promptly as conversations shift throughout the consultation process.

Instant results and open participation. Anyone can vote in a poll and the results are shown to participants after submission, encouraging engagement.

Polls are versatile. Polls can be used anywhere online including a corporate website, used in SMS, and on a project page itself. Polls allow community members to be reached where they are.


Learn more about community Engagement in these sectors:

Government | Healthcare | Planning & Transport | Parks & Rec | Consultant Projects | Education | Utilities

Use Polls at Every Stage of your Consultation

Polls improve engagement data and participation when used in combination with other EngagementHQ tools. Use polls throughout a consultation to gauge sentiment or promote participation:

At the beginning of a consultation. Kickstart community participation by embedding the tool and driving traffic to a project. Polls are a simple entry point for participants.

As an additional tool during a consultation. Use polls to acquire extra quantitative data around key questions that provide additional context in a consultation.

At the end of a consultation. A quick poll makes it easy to weigh public opinion on well thought out solutions in the final stages of the engagement process.

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