Climate Survey Example

Surveys Tool

Encourage your community to voice their opinions in a convenient and guided way. Use images to make questions engaging. Tag responses for deeper survey analysis.

Surveys Tool

Encourage your community to voice their opinions in a convenient and guided way. Use images to make questions engaging. Tag responses for deeper survey analysis.

Climate Survey Example

Community Surveys that Invite Participation

EngagementHQ Surveys allows you to build high quality, visually appealing surveys to gather feedback and data from your participants on any number of projects. It is vital that you understand your community, and Surveys is a powerful and easy way to gather responses on carefully crafted questions. Create an unlimited number of discrete surveys that can contain twelve different question types, each with their own unique qualities and style to create interesting and varied questionnaires.

Understand where your community stands or how they think or what they know about any subject, and then view and analyzeanalyse this data. Ensure your participants enjoy taking your surveys with the tools to create curated journeys, rich media, and mobile and user-friendly design. We give you the building blocks and flexibility to quickly and easily build customized questionnaires in Surveys and then understand and analyzeanalyse the responses.

Flexible, CustomizableCustomisable, Easy to Use

The Survey Builder provides a vast array of options to build your questions and dynamic journeys to better engage your community. The streamlined creation process amidst new options keeps your process easy while giving you the freedom to be creative!

Flexible surveys with a range of options

FLEXIBILITY AND FUNCTIONALITY – There is a variety of options to building each question, and customizationcustomisation for how the participants view it as well. Designing surveys using a variety of question types and media allows you to capture vital data points as well as understand the sentiment of your community around your project. These options also allow you to use the survey tool in new creative ways such as using it for petitions, capturing event registration, or even formal submission processes.

Media Rich Survey

RICH MEDIA, NEWLY ENHANCED – Easily use media and rich contextual messaging within your surveys. We’ve expanded image support within both questions and answers, giving you the option to easily convert to an image question within the flow of building your survey. Powerful media like this can bring to life vibrant and eye-catching surveys that encourage participation.

Survey Options

NEVER START FROM SCRATCH – The building blocks of surveys are at your disposal and it’s easier than ever to start from scratch with sample answers included for certain question types, a clear demonstration of question types and possibilities, and easily embedded media. You also have impressive cloning options where entire surveys, pages, or questions can be easily copied for use elsewhere.

Advanced Features for Better Data Analysis

SKIP AND CONDITIONAL LOGIC – The skip logic feature allows you to send participants from one question to any other quickly and easily based on their answers to previous questions. Conditional logic can also be applied, taking your participants deeper into a specific path of questions. Applying skip logic and conditional logic to your survey or pages allows you to create curated journeys for participants. It helps you keep the questions relevant to their experience while gaining deeper insights and more articulated feedback for your engagement project.

Skip and conditional logic

POWERFUL ANALYTICS – You’ll be able to analyzeanalyse participant demographics compared to registered users, as well as use in-depth reports and comment analysis for deeper insights. Understand as much as you can about your participants, and ensure that data throughout your engagement is both secure and appropriately assigned.

Survey Analytics

EASY AND ENTICING SURVEY DESIGN – Surveys include important visual, design, and accessibility features for your participants. Make sure your questionnaires are as easy to take and look as good as possible with our mobile optimizationoptimisation and easy to follow survey flow and tracker. We also have options to allow a variety of different ways for participants to sign in or share information in order to take the surveys.

Simple survey design

Learn more about how Surveys can transform your online engagement and gather data for the issues your community cares about.


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