Grow and manage your community and stakeholder database with EngagementHQ PRM.

Custom Sign-up Forms

The PRM Sign-up Form Builder allows you to capture essential demographic and personal information about your community to help establish your database of stakeholders. This custom sign-up form becomes the core of your community database.

Advanced Database Import

Import your existing community database and start engaging with your community sooner. Using our advanced importing tool, you can easily map your existing community information to your custom EngagementHQ database.

Create Community Groups

Use participant information to create community and stakeholder groups based on profile information, project and participant tags, user interests and engagement behaviour. Custom filters allow you to focus on participant retention by showing you community members who are slipping away, helping you to keep your community active.

Advanced User Profiles

User profiles make it easy to take a closer look at your participants information, observe their engagement activity via a profile activity feed, create user account notes and manage participant permissions. Promote your community members to project administrators and allow them to facilitate closed discussion groups and manage selected projects.

Simple Email List Segmentation

The PRM makes it easy to organize email lists for promoting your consultations with the EngagementHQ Newsletter Tool. This makes it easy to keep your community informed about your projects and helps you close the loop on your consultation outcomes or decisions.

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