As global leaders in digital engagement, our EngagementIQ team knows what it takes to deliver robust and thoughtful online engagement. Get the most out of EngagementHQ with expert Advice, Training and Support.


Meet The EngagementIQ Team

Our EngagementIQ team come from diverse backgrounds in government, planning, health and environmental management and have helped organisationsorganizations with strategy, training and support for thousands of projects.

EngagementIQ Practice Lead - Stephanie

Stéphanie Beauregard

Stéphanie brings more than 10 years experience as a consultant in external relations and partnerships, working with Federal Departments across Canada. She specialises in digital and face-to-face public facilitation and community workshop delivery.

EngagementIQ Practice Lead - Johnathan

Jonathan Bradley

Jonathan is an industry expert in public participation in the UK and a founding director of Participate UK. He has some 20 years experience in market research, communications and citizen engagement and specialises in applying this expertise to a digital-first world.

EngagementIQ Practice Lead - Dan

Dan Popping

Dan is a leader in the community engagement sector and has held roles in both state and local government in Australia. Dan specialises in working with government to implement engagement programs that meet the diverse needs of their communities.

EngagementIQ Practice Lead - Anthea

Anthea Robinson-Shaw

Anthea specialises in helping government organisations across Canada implement best practice online community engagement programs. She brings more than 25 years experience in communications, public relations and community engagement.

EngagementIQ Practice Lead - Elliot

Elliot Sim

Elliot has had over 10 years’ experience in communications, journalism and community engagement within various organisations and councils across New Zealand. He thrives on finding creative and effective solutions to complex engagement projects.

Our three step approach to organisationalorganizational success

Our EngagementIQ team is an active partner in your success. Develop goals and learning pathways, overcome challenges, plan for your engagements and everything in-between. Build your very own support plan in just 3 easy steps.


  1. 1. Select your level of support
    Select from our annual support packages or develop a unique plan to suit your needs.
  2. 2. Book your sessions
    Work with your EngagementIQ expert to schedule your sessions and access advice and training.
  3. 3. Add custom support and services
    Work with our team to add additional support and services to your plan at any time.

“We are a lean team and value the input the Bang the Table team have provided in scoping our project and platform development.”

- Melanie Flanigan, Transdev

“We’ve had such a fantastic experience and response with using EHQ for a substantial project for Wellington City Council. We had a higher than average engagement rate and over 4.5k visits to the site…The great support from your team has been invaluable. Keep up the great work and I will definitely be using Bang the Table for future projects.”

Yasmeen Fawcett, Wellington City Council

“I have had such wonderful support from Bang the Table staff in my use of our Let’s Talk platform as well as from the webinars and online support for all of the questions I have had about creating projects.”

- Simone Zrna, City of Murray Bridge

“One of the things I love about working with you guys, apart from how awesome the platform is, AND how helpful you are, is that you listen and are responsive.”

- Mary Bidstrup, Town of Bassendean

Why Choose EngagementIQ

Investing in a digital engagement program and implementing new technology is an important decision for any organisation. By working with our EngagementIQ team, you will be supported to build your organisationalorganizational capacity, develop and refine your engagement program and ensure your team has access to the advice, training and support needed to get the most from EngagementHQ. EngagementIQ helps you develop tried and true methods for online engagement, which your organisationorganization can use for years to come.

  1. Deliver Value
    Save money on costly consultants by developing the skills and organisationalorganizational processes to run your engagement program.
  2. 50,000+ Projects
    As pioneers of digital community engagement, we know how to support your projects through till the end.
  3. Stay the Course
    Join a global community of engagement practitioners and develop a lasting commitment to engagement, which outlives budgets and election cycles.

Talk to Us

As global leaders in digital engagement, our team knows what it takes to deliver robust and thoughtful digital engagement projects.

Build your support plan

Start developing your own digital engagement support plan in 3 easy steps.

1. Select Your Level of Support

Choose a plan most suited to your needs. We have options for organisationsorganizations at every stage of their journey with EngagementHQ.



  • Our core offer for all EngagementHQ clients includes:
  • - Help desk resources for self-directed learning
  • - Invitations to client meetups & professional development workshops
  • - Regular monthly webinars
  • Our guaranteed support commitment for all EngagementHQ clients:
  • - 24/5 chat and email support
  • - 15min first response chat
  • - 2hr first response email



  • UtiliseUtilize up to 10 hours of support and advice from an EngagementIQ team member for assistance with:
  • - Setting up projects & tool selection
  • - Database management
  • - Developing organisationalorganizational capacity & processes
  • - Planning your projects
  • 1 x 60min instructor-led online refresher training per annum.
  • Our guaranteed support commitment for all EngagementHQ clients:
  • - 24/5 chat & email support
  • - 15min first response chat
  • - 2hr first response email



  • Work with us as your strategic Partner, with up to 20 hours of support and advice from a dedicated EngagementIQ team member who can assist your team with:
  • - Strategies for driving participation
  • - Utilising different methodologies
  • - Best-practice planning & tool selection
  • - OrganisationalOrganizational buy-in
  • - Support for major projects
  • - Design & layout
  • Annual Benchmarking Report with strategic recommendations for improving practice.
  • Up to 2 x 60 min online training sessions for advanced product training.
  • PrioritisedPrioritized SLA’s for even faster support:
  • - 24/5 chat & email support
  • - 5min first response chat
  • - 1hr first response email



  • Build your own requirements and tailor a support plan for your specific needs. Custom plans are suitable for larger teams or clients looking for whole-of-organisationorganization approaches to engagement. If you have other requirements, get in-touch to discuss.

2. Book Your Sessions

Work with your EngagementIQ team member to map out your support plan. Schedule or access online sessions when you need via an online booking calendar. Catch up via chat, phone or video conference.


3. Add Custom Support

Add additional support and development programs to your plan at any time.


Getting started with digital engagement requires strategic thinking, site scoping, project support and training. Our implementation services ensure your team gets started on the right foot.

  1. Onboarding
    Our recommended onboarding process helps you start off on the right note with rigorous site scoping, EngagementHQ platform training, quality assurance and testing before you launch | Download pdf >
  2. Site Build
    Let our team build your site for you including tool setup, managing site settings, mapping your homepage, ensuring accessibility and creating your first projects | Download pdf >
  3. Brand Integration
    Bring the look and feel of your organisationsorganizations brand to your EngagementHQ platform and easily incorporate your unique website header, footer and stylesheets for a seamless brand experience | Go to page >

Project Delivery

Get extra help with major projects to ensure your team delivers high-quality and efficient digital engagement.

  1. Project Page Build
    Allow us to build your project page for you, including tool setup, testing and page iterations | Download pdf >
  2. Survey Design
    Get assistance developing the perfect survey which allows for thorough analysis and informed decision making | Download pdf >
  3. Premium Project Support
    Ensure business continuity when you’re under-resourced and allow us to support your digital engagement project needs | Download pdf >


Our EngagementIQ Team can provide tailored training to suit the busy needs of all organisationsorganizations.

  1. Training and Workshops
    Learn a wide-range of skills and strategies for use in digital engagement | Download pdf >
  2. Online Accelerators
    Rapidly increase your knowledge of digital engagement and EngagementHQ with tailored on-demand online training for your team | Download pdf >
  3. Online Coaching
    Develop a professional learning plan for you and your team and work with a coach on new approaches and challenges to enhance your digital engagement practice | Download pdf >

Data Analysis and Reporting

Bring your engagement data to life with a range of services to help with analysis and reporting to build trust with community and make better decisions.

  1. Interactive Project Dashboards
    Take your project data and transform it into a unique and embeddable interactive dashboard to help project teams and the community visualisevisualize your engagement outcomes | Download pdf >
  2. Site Review and Benchmarking Report
    Take a deeper look at your engagement practices using EngagementHQ and get strategic recommendations and performance benchmarks to help your improve your practice | Go to page >

EngagementHQ Platform

If you only have access to a hammer, you’ll always use a hammer. EngagementHQ gives you an entire toolbox. Our complete suite of listening, information, analysis, reporting and relationship management features enable you to mix and match precisely the right online tools for your community engagement objectives.


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