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Custom Community Engagement Services

As well as robust plans you can also sign-up for additional services and development programs at any time.

Add custom services to your plan

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We offer four main areas of service

Implementation  |  Project delivery  |  Training  |  Data Analysis & Reporting

Or you can contact us to create a program to suit your team


Getting started with digital engagement requires strategic thinking, site scoping, project support and training. Our implementation services ensure your team gets started on the right foot.



Our recommended onboarding process helps you start off on the right note with rigorous site scoping, EngagementHQ platform training, quality assurance and testing before you launch.

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Site build

Let our team build your site for you including tool setup, managing site settings, mapping your homepage, ensuring accessibility and creating your first projects.

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Project delivery

Get extra help with major projects to ensure your team delivers high-quality and efficient digital engagement.


Project page build

Allow us to build your project page for you, including tool setup, testing and page iterations.

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Survey design

Get assistance developing the perfect survey which allows for thorough analysis and informed decision making.

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Premium project support

Ensure business continuity when you’re under-resourced and allow us to support your digital engagement project needs.

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Our services team can provide tailored training to suit the busy needs of all organizations.


Online accelerators

Rapidly increase your knowledge of digital engagement and EngagementHQ with tailored on-demand online training for your team.

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Online coaching

Develop a professional learning plan for you and your team and work with a coach on new approaches and challenges to enhance your digital engagement practice.

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Data analysis and reporting

Bring your engagement data to life with a range of services to help with analysis and reporting to build trust with community and make better decisions.


Interactive project dashboards

Take your project data and transform it into a unique and embeddable interactive dashboard to help project teams and the community visualize your engagement outcomes.

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Site review and benchmarking report

Take a deeper look at your engagement practices using EngagementHQ and get strategic recommendations and performance benchmarks to help your improve your practice.

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