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Local, state, provincial and federal governments around the world are getting more people involved in planning projects, city development and community consultations through online engagement. Bringing the conversation online, government organizationsorganisations can broaden their audience for a more complete sampling of public opinion. By empowering residents with an easy and secure way to participate online, organizationsorganisations build community capacity and improve democracy as a whole.


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See how government organizationsorganisations around the world are using the EngagementHQ platform to create a dedicated online space for community engagement.

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Let's Talk Coventry

Coventry’s Beyond-the-Survey, Media-Rich Engagement Opens Doors to Opportunities

What could engagement do better if practitioners reached beyond the survey into the media-rich potential of a dedicated online engagement platform? Coventry City Council unlocked opportunities to cut through the limitations on traditional offline consultation with Let’s Talk Coventry, a dedicated online hub for communicating with the community. In looking to be open, connected, and tuned in to everyone with a stake in the future of their City, Let’s Talk Coventry creates a place where conversations thrive. It also nurtures the relationships vital to the alignment of priorities for better decisions.


“We have a robust social media presence – Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, and Twitter – with increasing engagement members. But we have noticed, over the last few years, the need for a deeper conversation – beyond likes and shares – about issues facing the city. Bang the Table provides the necessary tools. It’s conversational, timely, and easy-to-use.”

- Kent Wyatt, Tigard

“It means a lot when [residents] get to have input and see that your voice is being heard. What you have here really reflects what I hear in the community,”

- Dana Gutwein, Lakewood City Council

“We have used our EngagementHQ platform for a whole range of different projects – everything from large public consultations, to small online community panels, to province-wide internal consultations with our employees and volunteers. We love this product because it is easy to use, flexible and responsive, and it provides a wide range of tools for feedback, discussion, and analysis.”

- Geoff Wilson, MPA, Nova Scotia Health Authority

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