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Join Nathan Connors, Learning & Practice Manager, and Mel Hagedorn, Engagement Manager, from the Bang the Table team for a timely workshop discussion about how we need to change our thinking to manage an inevitable transition to a digital-first community engagement practice landscape.

Nathan Connors
Learning & Practice Manager, Bang The Table

Mel Hagedorn
Engagement Manager, Bang The Table

Workshop: Digital First Community Engagement

It’s commonly accepted in community engagement practice that “face-to-face” is always best and most meaningful, and digital is merely a support act. But imagine for a moment that face-to-face is simply no longer viable. Perhaps the distances are too great; the issues too fraught to send a team into the field; the budget too small; the stakeholder group too large; or your audience is too fragmented.

Alternately, imagine the opportunity for a continuous conversation between the community and your organisation. Declining trust in governments worldwide, coupled with the Smart City agenda has created an opportunity for a transformative form of continuous engagement between citizens and governments. Only digital can provide that bridge.

What would it look like if your community engagement was designed as digital-first? How might it change the way we think about our practices, skills, organisational arrangements? How would we continue to ensure deep or, “thick”, engagement; minority voices are heard; that conversations and community input has real social impact? And how would we do all of this in the context of shrinking budgets, efficiency demands, and the requirement for transparency?

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Our team will be answering questions about the EHQ platform and discussing engagement strategies driving success for clients such as the City of Casey and the Town of Victoria Park.

Recognizing great work

We are so proud of the work and dedication our clients bring to their online consultations. Below are just a few of the EHQ projects nominated at this year’s IAP2 awards. We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate their success.

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