Online Community Engagement for Local Government

Online community engagement represents a way of broadening audiences, of building community capacity and of making engagement work. It involves connections with communities and stakeholders and delivers new ways to understand, visualise and analyse the nature and scale of many of the most pressing challenges and new opportunities presented to local government councils.

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Our world is at once a physical and a digital space. We now move fluidly between these spaces, communicating in countless ways. For engagement professionals, this reality amounts to massive opportunity. Seize it with our help.

Leading online engagement efforts for local governments and councils across Australia.

Moving Council decisions and programs forward.

EngagementHQ connects with and involves their communities and stakeholders in online community engagement informing key Council decisions and programmes.
Our suite of listening, information, analysis, reporting, and relationship management features enable you to mix and match precisely the right online tools for your community engagement objectives.

How the City of Casey Involved Its City Council in Engagement

Over the 8 years City of Casey has been a client of Bang the Table, they have expanded and evolved their online engagement strategy and use of tools. The City of Casey went from using their EngagementHQ site Casey Conversations as a little more than a survey tool to using it as a hub for all of the city’s online engagement activities.

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​Live at the Table is an interactive two-hour workshop where we’ll explore what it means to build a meaningful relationship with your community and go behind the scenes of EngagementHQ to examine how a holistic engagement platform works.


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