Meet Amanda Nagl

Amanda Nagl has joined Bang the Table as Engagement Manager, after spending nearly two decades working on the front lines of local government, focusing on community engagement for departments ranging from police, to planning, to the city manager’s office.

Amanda has a background in facilitation, conflict resolution, program and project development and process improvement.  She experienced firsthand the issues resulting from lack of a forum for connecting communities with governments.  She is motivated to use her training and teaching skills to help cities across the United States effectively connect with their communities, through public engagement. She became aware of Bang the Table and liked what she saw – so much so, that she joined the company to pursue her passion for connecting people with governments.

“I worked for a local government trying to create new systems for community engagement. When I learned about Bang the Table, I felt that so many of the gaps in the system could be filled with the use of the platform. The more I learned, the more confident I became in that belief.  I was so impressed by the rich academic support, best practice recommendations and peer support with Bang the Table.  While very invested in the city for whom I worked, I became aware during the 2016 election of just how common the divide between community and government is and wanted to make a larger impact.”  

Several of her roles specifically prepared Amanda to represent a company that is all about online public engagement. She has served as Neighborhood Liaison for both the City of Boulder and the City of Fort Collins and as the Community Services Manager for the Estes Park Police Department.  She holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Alabama and an MBA in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University.

Fun Fact:  Amanda’s first job out of college was as a counselor in a residential treatment facility for teenage boys–she learned immediately about the importance of communication and the intricacies of group dynamics related to decision making. She is grateful to each of those young teachers! She most likely harkened back to some  lessons learned from those young teachers when she later managed the civilian side of the Estes Park Police Department and served on the Command Staff for decision making for the entire department!

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