Meet Casey Earp

Casey Earp joined the Bang the Table team with a wealth of experience at the Federal, State and Local government levels. In his roles, Casey has led and been involved with community-wide engagement initiatives for a number of projects. After spending four years working in city management, he is very familiar with the challenges staff members face when running community engagement projects.

As the Assistant City Manager for the City of Boulder, Casey has worked in project management, policy development and general leadership in the areas of budgeting, team management, program analysis and internal communications. During his tenure, he supported or led roughly 30 projects across the organization. As Assistant to the City Manager in Steamboat Springs, he focused on performance management and community redevelopment.

“Sometimes great opportunities present themselves. I was wrapping up a year long innovation process at the City of Boulder, where we were recommending increased community engagement, when I came across Bang the Table. The company and the EngagementHQ platform was everything we were looking for. I met Matt Crozier later that week and was immediately attracted to the possibility of working for Bang the Table.”

Casey holds a Master’s of Political Science, Public Policy from the University of Colorado Denver and a BA, Political Science from Colorado State University. In addition, he holds a Certificate in Eastern European Studies in Economics.

Combining his passion for sports and his interest in government processes, Casey has participated in a number of organizations including the; Kiwanis Club; International City/County management Association; University of Colorado Denver Men’s Ice Hockey;

Ducks Unlimited and The Colorado City/County Management Association.

Fun Facts: Casey is an avid sports fan and still hits the ice to play hockey regularly.

He loves everything outdoors, including bike riding and hunting or fishing. He and his fiancee are proud owners of two dogs, their other four legged family members.

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