Meet Kylie Harrison

Kylie’s career history spans over 20 years, working in a variety of roles both in State and local government and private consulting as a town planner. Her first community engagement opportunity was at 23 years of age when she was asked to establish the Community and Stakeholder Engagement division in Western Australia for an international engineering. She then moved into local government and was actively involved in community engagement and consultation at a grassroots level. When working for State Government, she was called to research, devise and deliver a significant strategy for Perth and the Peel Regions, which involved fostering and working closely with various industry sectors and government agencies to create a collaborative environment and ultimately agree on a common vision for the delivery of industrial land supply over the next 20 year period.

Kylie later moved to a role as a Community Development Manager for a land development company. This role had her developing and delivering various community events and opportunities to build social capital within the new development amongst the new residents moving into the area. In making herself accessible to the local residents and listening to their needs and desires, she was able to identify and deliver a weekly organic market within the development, that was hugely successful and remains a regular event in this new residential estate to date.

When Kylie stepped into her role at Bang The Table in 2016 “it was like arriving home”. She was excited to have found a group of like-minded and passionate individuals who are dedicated to giving people a voice and a way to engage that suits their preferences and modern day convenience.

“Working closely with clients and understanding who their audiences are, enables me to deliver tailor-made engagement strategies and ideas that will optimize our client’s intelligence building around key issues and matters they are needing to know more about to help inform and shape future decision making. I enjoy the challenge that comes with interpreting often complex matters and issues into a form that is accessible to the wider population – enabling the opportunity to engage in a meaningful and informed manner.”

Kylie “knocked the door down” to work with BtT. She wanted to be a part of building their business and enabling the online engagement community to grow, giving the silent majority a voice! She strongly believed in the company’s mission statement and found it consistent with what her ethos is about in the community and stakeholder engagement space.

About Me

I lived overseas for the first 16 years of my life, spending 10 of those years living in South America (Colombia and Venezuela). A day off became a thing of the past recently, with the arrival of my son in early 2017 – who keeps mum on her toes and full of smiles all day, every day.

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