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Reach, inform, and involve residents in policy development and decisions that affect their lives. The combination of EngagementHQ and EngagementIQ is, quite simply, the most powerful end-to-end online participation solution on the market.

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“[EngagementHQ] helped us quickly gather information from the community, especially groups and populations that do not come to the in-person meetings. It helped us understand the key issues for the community using the quick survey and question tools, that shaped our recommendations on next steps in the project to the City Council.”

- Chris Meschuk, Assistant City Manager, City of Boulder, Colorado

“It’s about people being able to reach out to us 24/7, on a forum online or a survey that they can do on their own time, that’s convenient for them.”

- Kate Vallence, Community and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, Barwon Water, Australia

“We found the process of using online engagement and in particular the EngagementHQ site to be far more successful than we had anticipated. The community responded very well to the online surveys and we found the ability to have metrics at our fingertips very useful for reporting to the Board and the community.”

- Kathyrn D'Angelo, Assistant Superintendent, School District No. 38, BC, Canada

“The response from our community so far has been fantastic, and is being viewed by our elected members as a very positive step towards making key decisions more transparent with the knowledge that our residents and visitors have had their say in the process, and that our ideas and proposals are well supported.”

Gary Foyle, Community and Recreation Team Leader, Christchurch Borough Council, UK

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