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Our North America Team is comprised of three experienced Engagement Managers with a variety of different backgrounds in government, public policy, and information technology. We are eager to help you achieve your community engagement goals and equip you with the tools you need to succeed in connecting with the public on important issues. 

Below are a variety of different projects conducted through our EngagementHQ platform. Please browse through the examples related to your industry and contact us so we can discuss your needs.

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Onboarding  Services

Bang the Table is much more than a software provider. We work with your team to develop your online community engagement strategy using EngagementHQ.

As part of your new client onboarding, you are linked with our team for training and engagement strategy development. In the U.S.A.  
we are lucky to have Amanda Nagl running this process.

Amanda has extensive community engagement knowledge and has been working in the community engagement field since 1999. She has worked in several local governments including the cities of Boulder, Estes Park, and Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Her knowledge of public sector management and community engagement will be at your service as a client of Bang the Table.

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