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Bang the Table's EngagementHQ is the most powerful and flexible community engagement platform in the world.

Over 200 local governments worldwide use EngagementHQ to give a voice to citizens who are unable to attend traditional public meetings.

Below are resources for those who work in local government: best practices, case studies, and shareable content.

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Case Studies

Ville de Gatineau

Gatineau: Quebec, CA

Gatineau utilizes our places tool to ask cyclists how to improve the cycle network and to give highly visual and interactive input.



Oshawa: Ontario, CA

The city of Oshawa provides the ability to share new programs and initiatives and receive online feedback from residents and stakeholders.


St. Clements Case Study

St. Clements: Manitoba, CA

St Clements used surveys to get information from the community and share views on future municipal projects. This helped to grow visitors to their site, gain feedback, and build a database of community members. 


City of Penticton Case Study

Penticton: BC, CA

Penticton engaged the community on a range of issues such as how to fund infrastructure improvements and answering questions about the fire department.


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