Online Community Engagement in the United Kingdom

Online community engagement and consultation is the most cost effective and resource efficient way to inform and engage communities, consultees, and stakeholders! It represents a way of broadening audiences, reaching seldom heard voices, and creating informed and engaged communities. Our online community and stakeholder engagement software, EngagementHQ, takes you beyond just surveys to deliver new ways to understand, visualise and analyse the nature and scale of many of the most pressing challenges and new opportunities presented to governments, the corporate and community sectors. EngagementHQ is the leading online community engagement and consultation platform, used by over 750 organisations worldwide. See what sets EngagementHQ apart!


Online Engagement Made Easy.

If you only have access to a hammer, you’ll always use a hammer. EngagementHQ gives you an entire toolbox. Our suite of listening, information, analysis, reporting, and relationship management features enable you to mix and match precisely the right online tools for your community engagement objectives.

Eight unique feedback tools.


Encourage your community to voice their opinions in a convenient and guided way.


Ask a single question and get immediate insight with this quick and targeted tool.


Receive questions in a managed space that accommodates your public or private responses.


Simple, streamlined, and moderated space for your community to upload comments.


Help your community better understand, empathise, and relate to others and your project.


Gather feedback and photos directly on a map that lets participants drop a “pin.”


These “virtual post-it notes” are a way for your community to share what inspires them.


A safe and interactive space for your community to discuss and debate pertinent issues.

One powerful solution.

Reach, inform, and involve residents in decisions that affect their lives. The combination of EngagementHQ and EngagementIQ is, quite simply, the most powerful integrated community and stakeholder engagement solution on the market.

Powerful community engagement software.

Expert-led engagement strategy and support.

See how EngagementHQ works.

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Meet Your UK Team

Ray Scanlan
Ray Scanlan has applied his skills in over 3,000 consultation projects across the government, corporate and community sectors and has recently been appointed Head of Business and Engagement (UK) after successfully steering the development and growth of online engagement within Australia through Bang the Table. Ray is committed to open and transparent engagement and from his experience suspects that everyday people can quite often come with the answers we may not be able to find on our own.   Jonathan Bradley
Jonathan Bradley is globally recognised as an expert in all aspects of public participation and often advises on national guidelines and legal principles, especially with respect to formal consultation. After many years working as a UK Partner of Bang the Table, Jonathan joined us in September as an engagement specialist. He is also co-founder and a Director at Participate UK and will continue his work with this vibrant company in involving people in best practice engagement and methodologies.  
Jess Topham is a highly skilled freelance community engagement consultant and specialist engagement consultant for Bang the Table (UK). Jess has extensive engagement experience within the energy, town centre, housing and property development sectors. Jess is the rock upon which our UK client base has formed and grown.


EngagementHQ Resources

Whether you are new to public engagement or you want to improve your knowledge and skills, check out one or more of the resources we offer in relation to online public engagement, its potential, and its challenges.

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