Online Community Engagement for Utilities of Australia

Online community engagement represents a way of broadening audiences, of building community capacity and of making engagement work. It involves connections with communities and stakeholders and delivers new ways to understand, visualise and analyse the nature and scale of many of the most pressing challenges and new opportunities presented to utility councils. EngagementHQ is the leading online community engagement platform, used by over 750 organisations worldwide. See what sets EngagementHQ apart.


Online Engagement Made Easy.

If you only have access to a hammer, you’ll always use a hammer. EngagementHQ gives you an entire toolbox. Our suite of listening, information, analysis, reporting, and relationship management features enable you to mix and match precisely the right online tools for your community engagement objectives.

Eight unique feedback tools.


Encourage your community to voice their opinions in a convenient and guided way.


Ask a single question and get immediate insight with this quick and targeted tool.


Receive questions in a managed space that accommodates your public or private responses.


Simple, streamlined, and moderated space for your community to upload comments.


Help your community better understand, empathize, and relate to others and your project.


Gather feedback and photos directly on a map that lets participants drop a “pin.”


These “virtual post-it notes” are a way for your community to share what inspires them.


A safe and interactive space for your community to discuss and debate pertinent issues.

One powerful solution.

Reach, inform, and involve residents in policy development and decisions that affect their lives. The combination of EngagementHQ and EngagementIQ is, quite simply, the most powerful end-to-end online participation solution on the market.

Powerful community engagement software.

Expert-led engagement strategy and support.

See how EngagementHQ works.

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Leading community engagement in Australia.

Engaging With Barwon Water

“I decided to get into community engagement because I started to realise I wanted to get involved in more than just informing customers,” Kate Vallence, Community and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator at Barwon Water. Kate wanted to be part of a deeper two-way conversation with customers, learning who Barwon Water provides service to, and what they want from their service provider, she chose EngagementHQ to get there.

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Resources for you.

Whether you are new to public engagement or you want to improve your knowledge and skills, check out one or more of the resources we offer in relation to online public engagement, its potential, and its challenges.

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