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Bang the Table's EngagementHQ is the most powerful and flexible community engagement platform in the world.

Over 300 local governments worldwide use EngagementHQ to give a voice to citizens who are unable to attend traditional public meetings.

Below are resources for those who work in engagement: best practices, case studies, and shareable content.

Featured Communities:

Hagwilget Village Trust

Tahltan Nation Land Use Plan

Municipal Projects:

Engagement Tools Spectrum

    Accessibility compliant to WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards (AODA compliant

    A variety of information sharing and feedback tools to provide flexibility and to drive inclusivity

    Publicly facing comments are independently moderated 24/7/365

    Public, Private (invite only) and Panel (committee) project modes

    CASL and GDPR privacy compliant

    Hosted in Canada and the data remains yours

Community Engagement Resources

Need some fresh ideas? We've created downloadable resources full of practical advice and tips on community engagement best practices:


EngagementHQ is our online public engagement software that gets more people involved in your conversations

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