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Community engagement in parks & recreation

Nothing turns neighbors into friends faster than powerful moments of shared community engagement. Local parks and recreation departments across the globe are building solutions that keep pace with their innovative programs, activities, facilities, and inclusive community offerings. EngagementHQ offers a robust set of online engagement tools that organizes all information and feedback in one location, making reporting and analysis within the software clear and easy to communicate.  Alongside this powerful platform are expert services to aid and answer questions along the way. Swing, slide, walk or ride into your next Parks & Rec project with EngagementHQ!

Guide to Community Engagement

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Digital engagement transforms parks & recreation

Parks and recreation facilities are at the heart of community wellbeing. Successful parks and recreation projects demonstrate a living commitment to the communities that they serve. See examples of online community engagement helping decision-makers understand the community better, and enabling the community to get a clear picture of the issues at hand.

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“Almost 30 years in the business, I have to say that “Bang the Table” has provided the City with an exceptional opportunity for residents to engage with the city.”

"Whether you are a busy millennial, or have limited mobility, or just too busy with life, you now have an opportunity to still engage with your community."

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