Community Engagement in Planning & Transportation

City Planners and Transportation Specialists around the world are getting more people involved in planning projects, city development and transportation expansion through online engagement. Bringing the conversation online, Planners can receive input from a broader group directly affected by their projects with a more complete sampling of public opinion. By empowering residents with an easy and secure way to participate online, organisations build community capacity and improve democracy as a whole.


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See how City Planners around the globe are currently making a difference in their communities and environment by engaging the public in the digital world!

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Public Engagement in Development Review

In this webinar, Michelle Stephens, AICP, explores opportunities to streamline the development review process through comprehensive and transparent stakeholder engagement. Development review public engagement challenges, as well as examples from communities who are using online tools to connect with their stakeholders will be explored.


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10 Commandments of Online Engagement

There are countless reasons why it is important for City Planners to engage and consult their community before launching a project. But what are the best ways to successfully and effectively collect community feedback?

Getting your community engaged in your online platform can seem daunting, but with a few simple process guidelines, the participation process begins to flow seamlessly. Listen to this podcast and apply these tips directly to your planning practice for better-designed projects and a more informed community providing usable feedback.


“As much as in person events and meetings are important, we also know that these days 50% of adults will never attend a meeting… So, I think, engaging people online and finding them in that online space is key to the success of most of our projects.”

- Sandrine Thibeault, Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative, Canada

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