Access projects anywhere with project finder

Introducing Project Finder

Display a visual portfolio of engagement projects on any website using Project Finder’s embeddable code, eliminating the need to regularly update your primary website with engagement project information and imagery.

Embeddable anywhere

Users can explore projects through your website giving more visibility to your consultation process, try it out here.

Project finder settings

Projects available anywhere

The Project Finder embed gives you the flexibility to bring projects directly to your community where ever they are. Whether it’s embedded on your corporate website, a campaign landing page or a partner site Project Finder is always there for your community.


One experience, multiple channels
Project Finder fits effortlessly into various contexts. Its simple look and feel means your community has a consistent engagement experience across multiple channels while you manage all your projects in a single, straightforward interface.

Install Project Finder

Easy to find, easy to group

Increase control of how your Project display using tags. Meaningful and consistent tagging quickly turns your Project showcase into a flawless navigation system, so you put the most relevant suggestions in front of your community every time.