Bring Your Community Engagement Data to Life

Our proprietary A-I-E analytical framework lets your benchmark your project against industry standards. Automated weekly email reports identify project interest, critical issues, and important community stakeholders. Sophisticated reporting lets you analyze or export the results of single feedback process, an entire project or your entire project history.

See the Power of EngagementHQ On-Board Analytics

Insights & Dashboards

Break down your data per question surveyed and showcase the insights visually through pie, bar and other charts. See all activity across one, select, or all project. Demographics, site and project visitation and activity reports, along with all feedback tool reports are available on-screen.
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The summaries report on-site visitation and participation levels - aware, informed, and engaged - which are available for one, all, or any combination of campaigns for any data range. See Report >


Receive reports on the demographic breakdown of your registered participants. This can be cross-tabulated against community feedback. See Report >

Exportable Formats

Export all demographic, summary, detailed and feedback tool reports in PDF, Excel and CSV formats.
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Comment Analysis

Comment analysis helps you to understand which issues are important to your community, with keyword tagging of qualitative feedback including forum comments.
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Analytics Integration

Plug in your Google Analytics code or your preferred analytics package for more detailed reports about your site visitors.See Report >

Exportable charts & Benchmarking

Use various formats: PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG. Compare engagement outcomes between your projects to quickly identify critical issues and improve strategies. See Report >

Emailed Reports

Reports, delivered straight to your inbox, give you real-time insights into what's happening with your project.
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Our unique Aware, Informed, Engaged(A-I-E) reporting framework can be used to identify how projects are being received, for example generating outrage, ambivalence or excitement.
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Detailed Reports

For individual feedback tools, holistic project reports, multi-phased project or for your entire site, detailed reports provide necessary insights.
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