How the City of Fayetteville, Arkansas is driving public participation in online engagement

The City of Fayetteville, AR recently launched their online community engagement site, Speak up Fayetteville. And they’ve found great success driving participation right out of the gate, seeing over 2,700 visitors to the site in the first 30 days.

So how did they do it?

Tune into this podcast as Linda Deberry, Communications Program Manager at the City of Fayetteville, reveals how a centralized engagement tool, a strategic overlapping of projects timed to cross-pollinate participation, and an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ internal approach contributed to its successful launch.

Amanda Nagl

Engagement Manager
Bang the Table

Linda DeBerry

Communications Project Manager, The City of Fayetteville

How Town of Victoria Park signed councillors up as engagement ambassadors

In this episode we talk with Community Engagement Advisor, Hayley Boyd from the Town of Victoria Park in Western Australia about how joining forces with their councillors has helped to doubled their online registrations, participation and engagement rates.

By signing a unique partnership agreement with their elected officials, Town of Victoria Park have been able to transform their councillors into engagement ambassadors and crucial information sharers. This unique approach has been designed to help clearly articulate the roles and responsibilities of councillors and engagement managers and seeks to drive a culture of engagement throughout their organisation.

As a result, Victoria Park has been proactive in enhancing their online and face-to-face engagement activities which has seen better engagement outcomes and more council endorsed projects.

Furthermore, they have taken a unique approach of allowing councillors a protected space on EngagementHQ, to better organise engagement activities, store, share and report back on council meetings and partake in discussions and forums prior to important meetings and events.


Nathan Connors

Product Engagement Manager,
Bang the Table

Hayley Boyd

Community Engagement Advisor, Town of Victoria Park

Let’s Talk Parker is revolutionizing community engagement in Parker, Colorado

People everywhere are busy, and it’s no different in Parker, Colorado. As part of an initiative to increase the level of community engagement and participation in local issues, Parker officials sought to provide new and innovative ways for their residents to get involved and provide feedback. The town knew that to increase engagement they needed to think outside the box and offer tools that work for Parker’s growing community.

In Parker’s 2017 citizen survey, the town heard overwhelming resident support for the development of an online community engagement tool. Ninety percent of survey respondents said they were likely to engage in local issues if they could do so online, at a time that was convenient for their schedule.

This support, combined with Parker’s drive to increase engagement, led Town officials to create their new engagement portal, Let’s Talk Parker, using the EngagementHQ platform. With the goal of gaining ideas, feedback and community support, Parker launched some very creative projects, including Fact or Fiction, My Mainstreet, and even a mapping tool for the community to report traffic issues to the Police Department.

Tune in to this podcast to hear about Parker’s journey into online engagement, how Let’s Talk Parker is helping cultivate a more informed and engaged community, and the positive impact it’s having on town decisions and direction.

6-month progress update
After launching Let’s Talk Parker just 6 months ago, Town officials are excited to share results with their residents. To keep momentum and excitement growing, they’ve created a short promotional video.

Amanda Nagl

Engagement Manager,
Bang the Table

Dannette Robberson

Assistant to the Town Administrator

Engaging Online in the Primary Health Network Industry

Find out how Brisbane South Primary Health Network utilised online engagement to developed a health needs assessment.

Learn about patient-centred care, how to engage with hard to reach stakeholder groups, and ways of using industry data sets and engagement input to develop a cohesive health plan.

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Nathan Connors

Learning and Practice Manager, Bang the Table

Louise Litchfield

General Manager of Stakeholder Engagement, Brisbane South Primary Health Network

GovLove Episode #124: Citizen Engagement with Matt Crozier

Figuring out the best way to get residents involved and participating in local government has been a hot topic in cities across the country.

Matthew Crozier from Bang the Table has been doing engagement work around the world and came on GovLove to discuss best practices, how cities can do better and more.

Originally featured on Govlove –…00385253417&mt=2

Matt Crozier

CEO, Bang the Table

Kirsten Wyatt

Executive Director, ELGL

City of Casey involves their whole organisation in engagement

Over the 8 years City of Casey has been a client of Bang the Table, they have expanded and evolved their online engagement strategy and use of tools.

The City of Casey went from using their EngagementHQ site Casey Conversations as a little more than a survey tool to using it as a hub for all of the city’s online engagement activities.

Hear about their journey to becoming an organisation committed to genuine community and stakeholder engagement and how they got everyone onboard.

Dinuki Scharenguivel

Team Leader of Engagement Advisory, City of Casey

Laura Garner

Community Engagement Advisor, City of Casey

Nathan Connors

Learning and Practice Manager, Bang the Table

How Barwon Water engaged on their 2017 Water Pricing Submission

Barwon Water, based in Geelong, one hour South West of Melbourne, is Victoria’s largest regional urban water corporation, and provides water and sewerage services across 8,100 square kilometres to more than 298,000 customers.

Hear about their approach to engaging communities on water pricing and sustainable water delivery.

Kate Vallence

Community and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Barwon Water

Nathan Connors

Learning and Practice Manager, Bang the Table

How the City of Boulder used community engagement to build a resiliency strategy

Resilience has many definitions but all include some reference to an ability to bounce back—be it from something predictable or not, natural or man-made, for better or for worse. Regardless of the subject or application, resilience is about the capacity for, and adjustment to, change. Urban resilience is about a city’s ability to bounce back from change whether the change is anticipated or when city officials and residents are surprised by it.

Hear how City of Boulder used community engagement to build a resilient city strategy.

Greg Guibert

Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) at City of Boulder

Casey Earp

Engagement Manager, Bang the Table

How the Downtown Austin Alliance preserved the past and created the future

The U.S. Census Bureau determined that Austin was the second-fastest growing U.S. city from 2010-2015 and judging from the construction cranes dotting the city skyline, change is the new norm in the city’s downtown core.

The Downtown Austin Alliance is made up of downtown property owners, individuals and businesses devoted to preserving and enhancing the value and vitality of the area.

Hear how Austin Alliance worked with EngagementHQ to engage with their community.

Janelle Moffett

Director of Research and Analysis, Downtown Austin Alliance

Amanda Nagl

Engagement Manager, Bang the Table

How Richmond School District 38 empowered their school community through engagement

In 2016, British Colombia’s Richmond School District 38 concluded a 2 year online community engagement project focusing on school closures.

Neighbourhood decline had led to underutilized schools and the Richmond School District 38 had to look at the possibility of school closures and engage their community on this difficult issue.

Hear how Richmond School District used EngagementHQ to engage their communities, keeping them informed and up to date on the changes in the district.

Kathryn D'Angelo

Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Richmond School District 38

Anthea Brown

Engagement Manager, Bang the Table

Podcast Episode 6: Imagining a More Engaged Lakewood

City of Lakewood has recognized for some time that the traditional model of public meetings fell far short of their responsibility to connect with a representative public. So, when Bang the Table came along with EngagementHQ in late 2016, Lakewood jumped at the chance to join a worldwide community of online engagement.

Hear how Lakewood used EngagementHQ for an extensive nine-month outreach and engagement effort culminating in the delivery of their Lakewood Masterplan.

Amanda Nagl

Engagement Manager, Bang the Table

Alison Hamilton Scheck

Public Engagement and Operations Manager, City of Lakewood

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