THE UK CONSULT | Episode 18: Shout out to Colleagues, Korfball and The Numbers 34 & 66

The UK’s Favourite Fries – the Debate Rages On

Elt ran a Twitter Poll this week following Anna from Traverse’s vote for Curly Fries last week. What was the outcome, and where do online polls sit in relation to the Government’s Planning Whitepaper around consultation?

Charly’s Choons is BACK!

Bang the Table UK’s own Charly Amos has been reliving Ace of Base – I Saw The Sign. She also invented her own dance routine for it which we hope to share in future weeks if Charly will allow??!!

Also, she’s been getting down with Lane 8 – Apes & Children.

Elt has been enjoying the late summer heatwave, and listening to Seb Fontaine – Global Underground Prototype 2which you can listen to here.

Shout out to Bang the Table’s Great Colleagues

Jonno & Elt are ever grateful for the fantastic content writing of our Principal Writer & Editorial Director Sally Hussey, who this week published an article on Rapid Online Deliberation: Sustaining Democratic Values in Difficult Times, which was discussed with Anna McKeon from Traverse on last week’s UK Consult Podcast.

Read it in full here!

They are equally grateful for UK colleague Carla Toyne‘s fantastic contribution to supporting our many NHS clients with setting up new projects and launching EngagementHQ sites.


Emerging Trends & Themes in Online Public Consultation and Community Engagement

Jonno highlights a really concerted effort by local authorities in the UK who are consulting on Climate Action themed projects and planning using their EngagementHQ sites.

Project Launches of the Week in EngagementHQ

Elt is bowled over by Project Centre’s A308 Corridor Study project, in particular the fantastic use of the mapping tool.

Have a look at the project here.

Here’s a direct link to the mapping tool.

Judge Jonno

Jonno presides over the relatively unknown sport, Korfball, and their approach to public consultation and community involvement. Another suspended sentence?


Stats of the Week

Jonno sheds light on the number 34 in terms of numbers of years of screen time in a human’s life, and how that screen time could be optimised and used for positive purposes.

Elt talks through the number 66, in relation to what Brits miss most about the workplace since the global pandemic hit.

Meldrew Moments

Elt is extremely grumpy about dog walking etiquette.

Jonno is grumpy about face masks and the way people wear them, and lack of clear guidance from the government to help the public out. He’s also grumpy about lack of standards and benchmarking around online consultation.

Duration: 37mins

Elton Daddow

UK Business Development Manager, Bang the Table

Jonathan Bradley

UK Engagement Specialist and Practice Lead, Bang the Table

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