THE UK CONSULT | Episode 21: *SPECIAL GUEST EDITION* PhD Researcher Caitlin Hafferty’s Podcast Debut

As with all Special Guests on the UK Consult, Elt opens with the really big questions the public want to know, like “What’s the best accompaniment to a bowl of chips?” Twitter Poll to follow so everyone can have a say.

Caitlin talks through her PhD research and how the emphasis has changed since the global pandemic, and as always has a fantastic new infographic (pictured below) to guide the discussion taken from this blog post.


General Themes

Caitlin has interviewed over 40 practitioners throughout her research, surveying them on their evolving approaches to digital engagement. The shift towards using digital tools has been rapidly accelerated by the impact of Covid19.

Organisations are thinking far more constructively about blended approaches to engagement and how to integrate individual tools/toolkits more flexibly, with inclusion in mind. There is no one size fits all.

“Trust is one of the most essential objectives towards best practice engagement, tying in with facilitation and leadership…” (Caitlin)

Infographic of the Week

The Healing Power of Cat Purrs

Cat owners might be onto something. According to today’s infographic, our feline friends provide us with more than just emotional support. House cats may actually be contributing to our physical well-being by offering soothing cat purrs!

Meldrew Moments

Caitlin is grumpy about queuing etiquette and awareness at the traffic light system in her local M&S petrol station.

Jonno is STILL grumpy about the lack of meaningful consultation on cycling lanes but heartened by Kent County Council’s approach to this. He’s also unhappy about the appearance of hair in unwanted places as he navigates his way through midlife. He’s also lost faith in teaspoons in opened bottles of Prosecco keeping the fizzy bubbles in.

Elt is disappointed about the fundamental design floors in cat litter, which invariably lead to most of the litter being spread around the house after each visit. Or are the cats themselves more to blame for this?

Duration: 41mins

Elton Daddow

UK Business Development Manager, Bang the Table

Jonathan Bradley

UK Engagement Specialist and Practice Lead, Bang the Table

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