THE UK CONSULT | Episode 12: Ferries, Ice Lollies & Considerations for Digital Engagement

Jonno’s Twitter Poll – What’s Your Favourite Type of Online Public Participation?

A tantalising range of options is put forward to the swathes of global participants. What was the outcome?

Emerging Trends & Themes in Online Public Consultation and Community Engagement

Elt feeds back on a fascinating and insightful discussion with Caitlin Hafferty, a PhD student and researcher who, as part of the research for her PhD research project, published a great visual around “Considerations for Digital Engagement” which you can see below. Follow Caitlin on Twitter to see how this valuable and important research progresses @caitlinhafferty

Project Launch of The Week in EngagementHQ

Jonno is really enthused by long standing client One Community Bury’s introductory overview to their site in EngagementHQ.

The Letter F will Float Your Boat

Judge Jonno presides over Aust Ferry Improvements 2019’s approach to public consultation.

Stats of the Week

Jonno sheds light on 81% relating to Covid19.

Elt is impressed by the number 58, relating to a VERY young rising star in the world of Football.

Meldrew Moments

Incredibly, Jonno only has 3 grumpy topics for the week but limits it to a couple. He’s ULTRA grumpy about the UK Government’s consultation on proposals for reform of the planning system in England. He’s also overwhelmed by local tourists and their approach (or lack of it!) to social distancing.

Elt cannot BELIEVE how YouGov launched a “fake news” Twitter Poll on the subject of ice lollies, and needed to have a Fab afterwards to cool off! #AMagnumisanICECREAM

Duration: 37mins

Elton Daddow

UK Business Development Manager, Bang the Table

Jonathan Bradley

UK Engagement Specialist and Practice Lead, Bang the Table

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