THE UK CONSULT | Episode 6: Football and Birdwatching – Creative Ways to Engage

With football back in action but no fans in the stands, Jonathan Bradley and Elton Daddow discuss this new normal in sports and how fan engagement can benefit clubs during this time of change.

Last week, Judge Jonno challenged Elt to take a deep dive into birdwatching engagement and share his findings. Find out what Judge Jonno thinks about one organisation’s multimedia approach for bird enthusiasts sharing bird sound bites to identify, comment and engage together in an online forum.

Project Launch of the Week in EngagementHQ:

Your Say South Essex 2050 – Work Advance Consultancy working with the Association of South Essex Local Authorities to engage the communities in South Essex on a range of pertinent issues as they develop a vision and plan working together across government, businesses, residents and the voluntary sector.

Stats of the week: Trust in local government and the number 36.

Tune in to find out why June 2020 provides such an important statistic for trust in local government and hear how one organisation successfully launched 36 digital engagement projects in a week with successful participation.

Duration: 30mins

Elton Daddow

Business Development Manager, Bang the Table

Jonathan Bradley

Engagement Specialist and Practice Lead, Bang the Table

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