THE UK CONSULT | Episode 7: Special Guest Exclusive – Football Fan Engagement with Kevin Rye

In an exclusive first for the UK Consult weekly podcast, Jonno and Elt invite the owner of Fan Insights UK, Kevin Rye, on to talk about the crossover between football fan engagement and broader leadership and building trust approaches taken by the football world.

Kevin outlines best practice fan engagement and his work with clubs across the UK to identify with fans as stakeholders and parallels between the leadership shown by certain clubs and local government approaches.

Failure to listen is identified as a key theme more broadly in public consultation approaches and methodology and Fans’ Parliaments go some way to addressing this in the sporting world.

Tune in as Judge Jonno presides over Elt’s research into Campaign for Real Ale’s (CAMRA) approach to community engagement.

Duration: 32mins

Kevin Rye

Owner of Fan Insights

Jonathan Bradley

Engagement Specialist and Practice Lead, Bang the Table

Elton Daddow

Business Development Manager, Bang the Table

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