EngagementHQ: An Online Demonstration from Bang The Table

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If you are based in the UK or Ireland, and are looking for new ideas and fresh approaches to;

  1. Taking your public consultations online to reach a wider audience
  2. Developing a digital stakeholder engagement strategy
  3. Building online communities

And if you’ve heard a bit about Bang The Table and our platform EngagementHQ and want to know more, why not sign up to this free webinar where we’ll be;

  • Giving you an overview of who we are and what we do
  • Showing you a broad range of client sites across all sectors
  • Setting up a live project in EngagementHQ
  • Answering all your questions

Unlike all other community engagement and consultation software, EngagementHQ offers a spectrum of engagement tools ranging from open tools such as online discussion forums, idea sharing, Q&A, storytelling, guestbooks and interactive mapping to the more traditional tools such as surveys, petitions, submissions and quick polls.

Have a look at how these UK clients are using the full spectrum of EngagementHQ tools in a really broad range of innovative ways to drive great outcomes from their communities across a range of sectors.

Cornwall Council

Dorset Coast

Inspire Cheshire West

Water Resources South East


Host Region: United Kingdom


Duration: 60mins

Elton Daddow

Bang the Table, EngagementHQ

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