Engaging Between Projects

In a recent conversation with Lisa Attygalle of the Tamarack Institute, we explored the idea of engaging community members on an ongoing basis to build relationships and partnerships without a project-based agenda.   

In light of our current worldwide crises, this may be a good opportunity to explore what that could look like when practitioners grow partnerships and provide a place for listening. Connecting with your citizens and providing a space for them to connect with each other has longterm benefits.

Here is what we will discuss:

  • What does engaging your community, when there is no agenda, look like?
  • How can that benefit your organization and the community?
  • What are the risks, challenges, and fears?
  • How would you go about it?

You will hear from engagement practitioners in local governments, provincial governments, and the private sector. Hear what communities have done to engage without a project-based agenda before and now during the COVID-19 crises and how this may influence engaging communities online in the future.

Duration: 60 mins

Anthea Robinson-Shaw

EngagementIQ Practice Lead, Bang the Table

Wendy Heshka

Communications Manager, City of Kamloops

Daniella Fergusson

Senior Planner, City of Powell River

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