Inclusive Engagement – Why Knowing Your Audience Matters

September 27, 2018 1:00 PM MST

At Bang the Table, our mission is to give everyone a voice on issues that matter to them. We’ve developed the EngagementHQ platform to make it incredibly easy to reach, inform and involve all residents in policy development and decisions, helping local leaders bring inclusivity to the forefront of their engagement strategy.

Join the Bang the Table team as we demonstrate how EngagementHQ helps local governments increase public participation and activate their communities. Let’s take a dive into the use of online engagement to reach and get feedback from your diverse and ESL community stakeholders.

“When it comes to engaging a diverse set of audiences, technology plays a factor, as different demographic groups wants to receive information differently…we wanted to make sure we had the most inclusive approach possible.”

– Janell Moffett, Director of Research and Analysis, Downtown Austin Alliance


Billy Trakas

Engagement Specialist
Bang the Table

Co-hosted by the ELGL

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