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Improving Development Review with Digital-First Public Engagement

Join Michelle Stephens, AICP, as she outlines three different approaches to online engagement as part of the development review process, with a special focus on California.

Michelle Stephens

Engagement Specialist, Bang the Table, AICP

Meghan Ruble

Head of Client Services, Bang the Table, North America

Measuring Engagement: Making Sense of Your Data

Ample data collection is great, but only if you can understand the collected information for decision-making. Watch the webinar and learn how to make better use of your data!

Stéphanie Beauregard

EngagementIQ Practice Lead, Bang the Table

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How SMS Messaging is Being Used to Enhance Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Webinar: Experience first-hand how SMS can be integrated into your engagement delivery for a more inclusive and participant-friendly experience.

Joe Waller

New Business Manager, Bang the Table

Johannes Kresling

Product Manager, Bang the Table

Rachael Hooper

Senior Marketing Leader, Message Media

Rudi Fenton

Business Development Manager

Involving Your Community in City Budget Conversations

City of Stillwater, Oklahoma invites residents to understand and participate in local budgeting during the economic downturn from COVID-19. Watch the webinar to see how they are utilizing an online budget simulation tool to face these challenges.

Chris Adams

CEO, Balancing Act

Sherry Fletcher

Director, Marketing and Civic Engagement, City of Stillwater

Melissa Reames

Chief Financial Officer, City of Stillwater

Meghan Ruble

Head of Client Services North America, Bang the Table

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Don’t Despair – Engage!

Take a tour of the online engagement landscape during the COVID-19 era. We discuss how to effectively engage your community during a crisis.

Meghan Ruble

Head of Client Services, North America

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Engaging Between Projects

Explore the benefits of engaging community members on an ongoing basis to build relationships and partnerships without a project-based agenda.

Anthea Robinson-Shaw

EngagementIQ Practice Lead, Bang the Table

Wendy Heshka

Communications Manager, City of Kamloops

Daniella Fergusson

Senior Planner, City of Powell River

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Engaging Online in Health

Hear from engagement professionals in the health and commissioning sectors on how to meet strategic goals for a health commissioning agency using an online engagement platform.

Katie Toohey

Engagement Manager, Bang the Table

Kevin Rigby

Marketing Engagement & Strategy Manager, Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network

Organizational Adoption: The Parker Path to Community Engagement

Change isn’t always easy. Learn strategies and processes from the City of Parker as we explore their journey to gaining organizational adoption and launching their online community engagement site.

Amanda Nagl

Practice Lead and Engagement Manager, Bang the Table

Dannette Robberson

MPA, Assistant to the Town Administrator for the Town of Parker

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Engaging Local Government Leaders

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