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Engaging Online in Health

Hear from engagement professionals in the health and commissioning sectors on how to meet strategic goals for a health commissioning agency using an online engagement platform.

Katie Toohey

Engagement Manager, Bang the Table

Kevin Rigby

Marketing Engagement & Strategy Manager, Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network

Organizational Adoption: The Parker Path to Community Engagement

Change isn’t always easy. Learn strategies and processes from the City of Parker as we explore their journey to gaining organizational adoption and launching their online community engagement site.

Amanda Nagl

Practice Lead and Engagement Manager, Bang the Table

Dannette Robberson

MPA, Assistant to the Town Administrator for the Town of Parker

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Engaging Local Government Leaders

Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery

Explore the important role of online platforms and how they can be used to deliver emergency management strategies and support ongoing disaster recovery efforts.

Dan Popping

Practice Lead and Engagement Manager, Bang the Table

Marion Lawie

Associate, Engagmentplus

Jennifer Blake

Manager Communications, Engagement & Events, Adelaide Hills Council

Sarah Hill

Community Engagement Coordinator, Adelaide Hills Council

Kate Crowe

Acting Team Leader Communications and Community Engagement, Shoalhaven City Council

Marketing Your Online Engagement Site

Join this webinar and learn how the design of your site, projects and questions can drive participation, along with unique marketing and communication strategies to pull new participants in.

Meghan Ruble

Existing Business Manager - North America

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Public Engagement in Development Review

In this webinar, Michelle Stephens, AICP, explores opportunities to streamline the development review process through comprehensive and transparent stakeholder engagement. Development review public engagement challenges, as well as examples from communities who are using online tools to connect with their stakeholders will be explored.

Michelle Stephens

US Engagement Manager
Bang the Table


A Stellar Year in Online Engagement and a Look Ahead for 2020

Join Amanda Nagl, US Practice Lead, on a journey through online engagement 2019 and a preview of 2020.  We will explore some of the US Team’s favorite sites and highlight the reasons why they excel in both design and participation.  We will also look at EngagementHQ upgrades hot off the release and take a sneak peek at what’s to come.

Amanda Nagl

US Practice Lead
Bang the Table


Budget Consultation 2.0

This webinar features Balancing Act CEO, Chris Adams, who will share best practices in budget engagement from more than 75 local governments worldwide. Learn about the three C’s of budget engagement—constraints, context and consequences—and how you can use them to get input and buy-in from residents on your budget.

Joe Waller

New Business Development Manager, AUS
Bang the Table

Chris Adams

Balancing Act

Building Trust With Your Community

Join Stéphanie Beauregard, Practice Lead and Engagement Manager at Bang the Table, as she explores the differences between requesting citizen participation and building trusting relationships with continuous communication and always closing the loop. She helps us answer the important question of “How do we ensure we are not just using participants as machines to provide feedback, but rather become partners in our decisions?”

Stéphanie Beauregard

CA Practice Lead,
Bang the Table


Using the IAP2 Spectrum for Online Engagement

Join Bang the Table, City of Longmont and The Participation Company as we explore the IAP2 Spectrum and how it is being used in the online space for role clarity and to delineate engagement types; setting clear expectations for staff, council, and community.

Amanda Nagl

US Practice Lead,
Bang the Table

Sandra Seader

Assistant City Manager,
City of Longmont

Heidi Reitmeier

Digital Communications Specialist,
City of Longmont

Wendy Lowe

Participation Company


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