Online Community Engagement: Small Tweaks to Increase Participation

Tech companies invest huge sums of money into making their platforms addictive. Online businesses spend extravagantly on tools that make more people buy their product. Local governments that engage their residents online are far behind the curve compared to the tech behemoths. This puts them at a disadvantage when competing for residents’ attention.

You might never have seven-figure sums to throw at marketing campaigns. Your Solid Waste Action Plan might never be cuter than a cat video. Still, with some small tweaks, you can increase participation overnight. Many of these tweaks are cheap, quick, and can be universally applied to any technology you use for community engagement.

Learn the principles of psychology, persuasion, and user experience design to engage more residents. See the tactics the most advanced tech companies use to increase participation on their own platforms. Then, learn how to apply these to your community engagement project for a fraction of the cost.

Key takeaways:

  • The “new normal:” what successful digital-only community engagement looks like in the wake of COVID-19
  • The psychology behind public participation
  • What makes certain platforms addictive and user-friendly
  • The basics of user experience design and how to apply it to your online engagement project
  • How to communicate your community engagement project to the public
  • Cheap, or free, ways to engage more residents using the same tactics and principles


Host Region: North America

Jeremy Shackett

Engagement Manager, Bang the Table

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