How to ask engaging questions

Writing engaging questions is one of the most important aspects of conducting an effective consultation process. It is the essential ingredient for allowing your community to co-design solutions with you and to provide meaningful input towards your projects. Without accessible and engaging questions, you can negatively impact your consultation practices and miss valuable community input from the broadest range of voices possible.

Engaging Questions: Be ClearBe Specific Image

In this booklet, you will find analysis of a range of different question types that are commonly used in the community and public engagement.

By looking at how each of the sample questions could be re-written to be more engaging, this guide is a thinking tool to support effective question writing. These examples are not necessarily mutually exclusive or mutually compatible – indeed, some are clearly incompatible. They are provided as a provocation to get you thinking more deeply about what it is that you really want your community to contribute.

Use this engaging questions guide as a resource for ideas, checking your question writing style or discovering how to make your inquiry more accessible for your community.

Remember, before you can decide on which questions to ask your community, it is essential that you have created a clear and concise project plan and defined your engagement goals. Without having a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve, it will be hard to frame your questions to get the ideas you require.

Which question style is right for your organisation, your project, and your community?
Download this guide and learn how to ask questions that encourage further engagement from your community.

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