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Online Engagement–Always? After? First? When?

We are looking forward to a lively discussion at the International Association of Public Participation’s (IAP2) USA conference this year exploring decision-making processes for when to go online and when to go in-person, or both, as far as community engagement is concerned.  We will discuss the difference if we were to approach design from a “digital first” perspective.  Join the session Online Engagement – Always? First? After? When? at IAP2 USA Conference on Friday, September 6 at 1 pm.

Amanda Nagl

Amanda Nagl

1 year ago

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virtual town hall

Virtual Town Hall – Same Thing New Location?

With the evolution of online tools for engaging citizens in government business a whole range of descriptors have emerged for this practice.  The virtual town hall is one of these but it has its roots in the existing processes of local government which traditionally have engaged the community (well a small and mostly angry part […]

Matthew Crozier

Matthew Crozier

4 years ago


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